About Us

“I was planning on writing you to thank you very soon! You have no idea how much everything you did meant to me. Flowers were my biggest nightmare as I was wedding planning and what you ended up doing was one of my favorite details! They were exactly what I was hoping for! They looked awesome! My bouquet was amazing! I saved some of the flowers to try to dry them too!” 


Ron & Beth had vegetable and flower gardens all of their life together. They were both raised in farming communities (but within the city limits), neither came from a farming background. Passionate about having healthy food to eat and beautiful flowers to enjoy they became frequent shoppers at the local Farmer’s Markets. Developing a bond with many of the local farmers. They decided to put their own land to work and became farmers of fresh vegetables and flowers. The farm was named in 2009 as a tribute to the black Labrador Retrievers that have been part of the family throughout the years.

As “newbie” farmers, They were intensely interested in other small family farming operations. The number of farmers in America has dwindled to less than 2 percent of the population. Small family farms are an integral part of the rural community in America. They add to the overall quality of life in their communities. These farms have led the way in soil conservation and organic and sustainable farming.

Wanting to be good stewards of the land they use as many organic methods as possible. The farm is not “certified organic” but they operate the farm to be sustainable and prefer not to use chemical sprays unless there is a pending crop failure. They use their own compost to amend the soil and crop rotation for the vegetables.

Join in the support of family farms. Visit your local Farmer’s Market. Get to know the farmers who supply your community with freshest produce, meat, and flowers