Floral Subscriptions

“The flowers were absolutely perfect, and you made arranging them so easy in how you prepped all the bouquets ahead of time. I got a lot of complements on them. THANKS!”


According to a study co-sponsored by Rutgers University in New Jersey; researchers concluded that flowers help people feel less depressed, anxious and agitated. Flowers trigger happy emotions, heighten feelings of satisfaction, and affect future behavior in a positive manner.

There is an art to giving flowers. Flowers have a secret language of their own, so you can express your feelings by the type or color of the flowers you give. Include Dahlias in an arrangement to a party host and you tell her she has good taste. And yes, a red rose means love and passion. As do red tulips, pink asters, and purple agapanthus. Lilies represent purity and majesty and chrysanthemums represent fidelity.

Our floral subscriptions are available in six month, three month and seasonal packages.

The most popular is the “Flower of the Month”: An arrangement is delivered once a month for 8 months (May thru December).

Each arrangement features the flower in season for that month. Can’t remember your loved one’s birthday, or your anniversary? A Special Occasion package Is available for you “Forgetful Freddies”. You tell us the three special dates for your deliveries and the burden of remembering is on us. Arrangements are delivered – and you are in good graces for remembering the birthday or anniversary.

Contact Us  for more information and pricing on the subscription packages. There is nothing like a gift of  flowers. Give some to your family or friends, or indulge yourself, it’s good for your health!